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My major concern about acquisitions by big beer is when big beer is actively hostile to independent brewers. AB Inbev is actively hostile to small brewers, to competition and to fair practices. I haven't seen anything to indicate that Sapporo is like them. Sleeman has always been more of a marketing exercise than a craft brewer (IMHO) and Unibroue hasn't changed much under Sleeman/Sapporo. In Canada those mergers and acquisitions have been about who can sell beer easily where.

So I think I'll remain open to Anchor even if owned by Sapporo.
I agree with both of you about this. Unibroue has have been left alone. The beer seems the same. We will probably never see Anchor in Newfoundland again, but I will buy Liberty Ale when I return to the US (after Cheeto Mussolini is gone) ;)
Agreed, based on past Sapporo auditions such as Unibroue I will not boycott them either. Tough not to boycott AB InBev totally as the girl's best friend's husband is the brewmaster for Labatts in town.
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