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The VOCM story is incorrect. The AIMS report calls for privatization of the whole alcohol system. Not the privatization of the NLC. A privately owned monopoly would be worse than the Government system.

“Governments are involved in all sorts of activity that they need not be, which distracts from other priorities. A modern economy does not require the government to retail, wholesale, or distribute alcohol,” said AIMS President Marco Navarro-Génie, adding “privatization is long overdue” ... tized-nlc/
Gets to the point I made in another post. Government should not be in the retail industry, alcohol or otherwise, for so many reasons. Retail outlets should be privatized in an open and competitive manner. The public would be better served if private owners had 100% control over which products they carry. The province can still charge their tax, as a way of earning revenue for the province and the privatized retail outlets would furthermore contribute to government revenue by paying corporate income tax.
Recently I heard that the new change in NLC hierarchy may bring privatizationin the not too distant future. Too bad they will likely fuck that up as bad as most of our other gov jurisdictions.
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