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Two important bits of news from QV on the Facebook.

1. A reply to a user's questions states that Calm Tom will be back in NLC stores early July. So if you're dying for a bit o' Tom, you can go down to the brewery or wait a week.

2. NEW BEER! IN CANS! QV announces their "Day Boil" in 473 ml cans. Coming to NLC and conv stores! Release next week! ... =3&theater
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Good news, I wonder if they will re-release Mad Mike for winter?
 Brian M
Went to my local Needs Store today and they (or rather the Brewery trucks) no longer accept QV bottles. My local Needs store stopped stocking QV products a # of years ago. I guess that I may have to go to a local Marie's store to return my bottles. I noticed a QV van there this week. I am guessing Molson and Labatt are feeling the heat a bit ( nothing to do with our local weather) from the local craft beer scene? The bottles, I am pretty sure, are the same size and doesn't matter where they end up to after the labels are removed. Petty move ,I think, from macro breweries. Thoughts? Am I way off base on this one?
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You are totally on base with this as you are correct the bottles are all the same except the Iceberg bottles. I'll pass this info on to Hugh at QV, I'm interested as to what leverage they have?
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