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Well, folks, it's looking more and more like we're going to be committing the family to at least a year in Alberta, and the move might be permanent. I'd rather not move my beer cellar contents and risk heat damage, breakage, and so on, so I figure, what the hell, I'll see if anybody's interested in buying it. Take a look, make me an offer, in whole or in part. ... sp=sharing
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I’m in! Sending you a PM
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Ok, is the PM function now missing from the forum? I’ll look into it.

In the meantime Patrick I want all of your Cantillon and your Russian River. How do you want to figure out a price?

I’d look at more but already having more than 1100 bottles down I probably shouldn’t be too greedy. :lol:
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Figured I'd clarify my position after some email discussions:

I haven’t really given any thought to pricing yet - I’m out of town right now so at this point I’m just asking for expressions of interest, and we can worry about how to set price later, when stuff actually changes hands. In general, I’d like to get back what I paid for them, with perhaps a little consideration for actual market value on top. I’m not too worried about bidding wars or anything like that, since I doubt there’ll be enough interest to have multiple people interested in the same items.

I wouldn’t make a very good used car salesman - I’m not looking to profit off anybody here. I honestly want to drink them all myself, and I bought them for that purpose, not as investments. I’m really tempted to throw them into my climate-controlled storage unit and chip away at them myself over the next few months, as I either wind down NL operations, or alternatively, keep NL operations going on a minimal basis until I revive things next summer/fall. The problem is, I’ve simply got too many unknowns in my life right now to know which way things are going to go. But, if folks like Steve, or Mike, or Norm, whom I know will appreciate them, want to take them off me for a fair price, well, that’s at least as appealing as packing them up and lugging them to the storage unit. And I’m absolutely not saying that to pressure y'all on price - if the move becomes permanent, the total cost of my cellar is a blip on the balance sheet.

Bottom line, I'm not offering deals here - but I might be offering a few opportunities that might otherwise be very hard to come by. Feel free to express interest on a without prejudice, non-binding basis. It might come down to a few of us sitting around a table and haggling over beer while drinking beer - and wouldn't that be fun? :D
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Just think: if you give the, to us you might still get a chance to drink some of them :lol:

On another thought, if there was stuff you were seriously torn on letting go I could store a good amount, if not all of your cellar in my cellar until you get back.

I think your idea of drinking through a bunch of it in the coming months is a good idea, I’m trying to do the same in my cellar as there’s lots not designed to keep.

I’m flying home. Tomorrow night, if anyone wants to drop out to share a beer or two on the weekend email me. [email protected]. I’m only home until Monday then am gone on my bike for a month.
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