Discuss non-NLACBC beer events (dinners, festivals, tours)...
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Beer Themed Event (NEW - Details TBA)
Friday & Saturday, June 14 & 15, 2013, 7-10pm
St. John’s Convention Centre
Ticket Price: $54.99 + HST

Does anyone have any further details? It's killing me I don't know what this thing is really about.
It seems that NLC has a hard time creating events that don't end up being full of 19-20 year olds who just get shitfaced and make a mess of it (ie. spiritfest and beerfest). My guess would be that it's their newest attempt to host a beer event without it turning into that.
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They're working on it, I know they are......
 Mark Shallow
I think this "Beer themed Event" should be about Craft beer only. Forget about the Coors and Budlight Lime crowd and make an event for us. Fill the place up with some smoked porters, imperial IPAs, and Barely Wines... that'll keep the Riff Raff out.
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Someone from the NLC should go to Montreal and see the Mondial de la Biere in action. No charge entry, but you have to pay for what you consume. The attitude here in Newfoundland is I paid $40 so I am going to get my money's worth and drink $40 (or more) worth of products. That leads to overconsumption and problems.
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They updated their site with some more info:

http://www.nlliquor.com/events/special- ... event-2013
Beer Expo 2013
Looking for a night out with friends and beer enthusiasts like yourself?
NLC’s newest event, Beer Expo will feature 100+ beers and ciders, 50% of them new to the market… be the first to try them at the show!
Enjoy a fun and educational experience, with like-minded Beer enthusiasts and Beer Connoisseurs from over 15 countries. Come and talk to the experts!
Beer Expo, will take place Friday and Saturday, June 14th & 15th from 7-10pm at the St. John’s Convention Centre.
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They are trying to shift the format of this event to help cut down on the just get drunk crowd and they're setting it up to be well lit with booths set up to be able to get into some education etc. No live music and flashing lights etc. They have no budget for sending anyone to Mondiale this year but Tom and I are both planning to go so we can pretend we're the eyes and ears for the NLC :D
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I might want four tickets. The folks might join us.
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The info is going out soon if it hasn't already

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