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Beer Expo 2013
Looking for a night out with friends and beer enthusiasts like yourself?
NLC’s newest event, Beer Expo will feature 100+ beers and ciders, 50% of them new to the market… be the first to try them at the show!
Enjoy a fun and educational experience, with like-minded Beer enthusiasts and Beer Connoisseurs from over 15 countries. Come and talk to the experts!
Beer Expo, will take place Friday and Saturday, June 14th & 15th from 7-10pm at the St. John’s Convention Centre.
Ticket sales begin Friday, May 17th, online only at

Ticket Price:

$54.99 + HST + Venue Surcharges*
*(Mile One fees per ticket: $4.56 Ticket Service Charge + $4.90 Online Processing Fee + Delivery Method $2-$5 depending on your selection)
Ticket Price includes:
Opportunity to sample over 100 different beers & ciders
Consumer Booklet with product descriptions and floor plan
Variety of food in a beer garden atmosphere
$10.00 Taxi Voucher

*New products will be made available at select NLC Liquor Stores after the show.
To learn more about “What is Beer and the various types”, click here.
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Looks interesting! I certainly like the sound of "new to the market" though I guess we'll have to see what that really means in practice. "New" and "market" are pretty subjective in this case.
I've found it a good investment to hunt for $75 of "new to market" beers as they trickle out after the Beer Fest. (I've never gone to the Beer Fest). Any comments on their experience, value, expected experience upcoming?
We were talking about Beer Expo in our meeting at the NLC yesterday, this year is going to a new format where the emphasis is on well lit well set up booths to focus on trying new beers and an atmosphere where you can get a little education and actually focus on what's there. It's not going to be the party style event with live music etc that it has been in past years.

I agree the ticket price can be a bit dear but it's easy to spend the same kind of $$ at other events where you have to buy tokens or vouchers to get samples. Every one of our members etc who can should try to support this event, this also helps to influence the NLC and the breweries that make the substantial investment to get here to showcase their beer.

I know that the big guys are being charged with not having their big names out, only stuff not necessarily available here.

We'll be there, unless of course I get caught up in work I can't get out of.
I think the high price might be a blessing in disguise. The $75 price tag will most likely weed out all the dude bros looking to get smashed.

For Beer Geeks like us, this is a no brainer. We've been complaining a lot about NLC's selection on this forum. Now that they're actively trying to improve their services, we need to show them our support.

*throws money in the air*
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If we can get child care arrangements we will be there. Might have to get someone to get our tickets as we will be in Florida when they go on sale.

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