Discuss non-NLACBC beer events (dinners, festivals, tours)...
Mark Shallow wrote:Thats like $75 a ticket! Yikes
Actually $71.60 if you print at home! I went with friends last year and enjoyed ourselves. There is food (mini hotdogs, mini hamburgers, fries...to soak up the alcohol) and entertainment and then there is $10 taxi to help get you home. I think it is worth it. Last year you got 4 free beer you picked up later at the NLC... This year, don't know.
groulxsome wrote:Just FYI folks, the beer list is out now...


Be warned: nothing fantastic!
Was hoping to see something outside of their normal distribution chains here. Guess that was too much to ask.

However, there's enough there that's new to me.
A few nice ones in there. Nickel Brook Headstock IPA is supposed to be good. I like Fuller's London Porter. Unibrou Don De Dieu is very good. I'm curious to try Sam Adams Latitude 48 IPA. Mill Street's Cobblestone Stout is good. It is interesting that Pumphouse Blueberry is now a new product :lol:
Remember to bring your wine glass from dollar store as recommended by Tom. That way, we might figure out who is in our beer loving group! :shock: AND everyone will be saying "Gee, they're at the wrong show huh?!!!" I looked through the list and saw many that I have already tried and obviously can get off the shelf at NLC right now.
Also, air miles has a promotion presale for the beer expo if you missed the presale for this special order beer club group. Tickets go on sale for the general public Friday. If you don't know what this code is, let me know. I can look for the code.

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