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You want to come out for this! We are extremely fortunate to have Dr Patrick McGovern come to NL to speak at the Canadian Archeological Society Annual Conference an speak about some of his work at our tasting event. He has brewed Ancient Ale collaborations with Dogfish Head Brewery to recreate beers from digs he's been on including the real King Midas' tomb. I've had a number of them and it's an exciting way to learn some really interesting beer history. We are brewing 2 clones of his beers to present. The brewmaster from Garrison is coming from Halifax to talk about his beer and the brewmaster from Storm is talking about his. There are food pairings being prepared as well and from the feedback we got at Oktoberfest it will be excellent. This is going to be the beer event of the year for sure so hurry up and tell all your friends and book your tickets! See you there.

The Artisanal and Craft Beer Club

Dr. Patrick McGovern
Ancient Ales

5:00 PM
Saturday May 2, 2015

The Bella Vista
26 Torbay Road
St. John’s

$90.00 per person
200 seats available

Reception Beer:
Start with a cold bottle of Quidi Vidi British IPA

Dr. Patrick McGovern, biomolecular archaeologist and consultant to the Dogfish Head Brewery for their Ancient Ale series, will discuss the fieldwork and extensive molecular research required to develop the Ancient Ales series. Read about Dr. McGovern at: ... page_id=10

The combined effort of Storm Brewing, Brew Craft on Topsail Road, Sap World, and gypsy brewers Chad Levesque and Stephen Canning [category winners in the 2014 Newfoundland and Labrador Home Brewers Competition] produced two Ancient Ale Collaborative Clones for Dr. McGovern to taste with us in amounts of about 100 ml each:

· Levesque Midas Touch Collaborative Clone
· Canning Kvasir Collaborative Clone

In addition to hummus and pita bread, Chef Ian Smith will prepare two ‘ancient style’ appetizers, i) falafel on cucumber and ii) smoked salmon with red onion, capers, dill, and sour cream to accompany the Collaborative Clones. The ales and appetizers will be served Family Style.

Following Dr. McGovern’s presentation, tasting of the two Collaborative Clones, and a question and answer period; Chef Smith will provide braised lamb shank and marinated flank steak with roasted baby potatoes and a veggie kabob followed by an individual dark chocolate torte to complement a tasting of Garrison and Storm beer served in amounts of about 100 ml each:

· Irish Red Ale
· India Pale Ale
· Imperial IPA
· Storm Beer of the Month
· Imperial Chocolate Stout

Please advise Tom Beckett of any food allergies or aversions.

Please advise Tom Beckett if you would prefer a bottle of Weighbridge Chardonnay or Shiraz instead of [please add $10.00], or in addition to [please add $15.00], the beer.

Mike Buhler, the Beerthief and Certified Cicerone, will be the Master of Ceremonies for the evening.

Daniel Girard, Brewmaster at Garrison Brewing, will lead the tasting of the Garrison beers while Mike McBride, Owner and Brewer at Storm Brewing, in a rare public appearance, will lead the tasting of the Storm beer.

The Bella Vista bar will be open for cash sales during and after the event.

To reserve places at this event prior to Wednesday April 29, please e-mail [email protected]

Please confirm your place(s) at this event by e-transfer to the above e-mail address or by dropping off a cheque payable to Tom Beckett at 39 Cornwall Avenue, St. John’s. Payment must be provided prior to Thursday April or you will lose the place(s). Refunds will not be provided for cancellation the day of the event or for no-shows. Response to your reservation or confirmation will be by e-mail or telephone.

Please do not drink and drive.
Well, ya knows I'm goin'!

Also, I pulled a sample of the Midas Touch clone when I bottled over the weekend. I've nothing to compare it to since I haven't had the opportunity to try Dogfish Head's, but it's big and boozy and definitely interesting! Definitely taste the honey and grape that went into it. Very warming. I'm hoping some carbonation and chilling cut the heat in it a bit. Definitely didn't get the clarity that I see in pictures of Dogfish Head's, though -- don't know if they filter or if the muscat grape substitute we had to use introduced it. Or maybe the Bulk Barn honey..

I'm really excited about the whole event. In particular the talk from Dr. Pat to contextualize the beers in a historical sense. The rich and long history of brewing and its importance to early civilization is one of the main reasons I got interested in beer in the first place. It's really cool that we're getting an opportunity to meet such a renowned expert in the field.

So, thanks Tom and Mike for putting this together and giving me the opportunity to brew for it!
Wish I could make it, this sounds like an awesome event. I've got an Aikido seminar to attend that day; in fact, I'll be grading right around the time the event starts.

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