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So, I've noticed most of this sub-forum is dedicated to one-off haul threads with photos of beer hauls from around the lands. Can we consolidate into one big thread? What was your last big haul? Anyone got anything good in from Halifax? Toronto? Always nice to see a bunch of great beer.

To start us off, here's a short of my weekend trip to Buffalo:


Everything expect for the Hopslam is pretty much available on the shelves any day of the week. What a place!
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I'll take a few of those :lol:
So I take it you drove to Buffalo? lol
Nice haul!
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Yes, everyone gets their allotment
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I actually took the bus down to Buffalo. $37 for a round trip from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, so I was in the states for 48 hours. After 48 hours you are legally allowed to claim:
Beer or Ale Up to 8.5 litres Up to 287 fluid ounces Approximately 24 cans or bottles (355 ml each) of beer or ale.

And since that photo was taken in Buffalo I drank some before heading home and one of the packs of Hopslam belonged to the friend we were staying with (who lives across the road from the best beer bar in Buffalo, the Blue Monk, which was also just "rated" the best beer bar in New York State). So, in the end, we lugged back about 8L. And, since there was two of us, that was only half our limit! It was, however, the limit of the suitcase that we brought and beyond the limit I have space for in my appartment. :D

Usually at the boarder (when flying and taking the bus) when I say "about a case of beer" and they look at my little suitcase they just wave me through. No duties paid yet.
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Yeah, I lugged back right around 8L last time I came back from Houston. Arrogant Bastard, Double Bastard, Enjoy By, Sculpin, Hoppy Feet, and 90 Minute - but didn't take a photo - all packed in a nice box. The customs guy asked me what was in the box. I said "Booze!" He blinked. I said "About 8 litres of craft beer." and he waved me through. :D
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I always try not to quote a price because usually when you say "about a case of beer" and about $120 they think you've been ripped off royally. They don't really get that things like Enjoy By are like $9!
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I always just say I've got a couple of beer and they never check, I know I've been over 8.5 l any number of times. Looking forward to a good haul from Santa Monica/Portland next month and then Amsterdam/Belgium the month after. Hmmm….how much beer can I put in my mother's suitcase? :lol:
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