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Hello all,

Avid collector of NL beer items and since last year, an avid taster of any Cider beers. Started noticing weird side effects from drinking beer (over and above a "buzz"!!) and from that learned that I've developed a gluten intolerance. Do not have same issue with gluten free cider beers.

In terms of collectible items....looking to discuss NL beer history and possibly trade/buy items of interest. I've scoured everywhere for a "Free NL" stubby produced by Storm Brewing in early 2000's. No luck as of yet.

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Have you gotten in touch with Groulxsome here yet? He's the NL history dude around here.
Hi everyone,

3sqzper here. Like a lot of you, I've been trying new beers forever, and I couldn't be happier seeing the voices of so many enthusiasts translating into new beers in the province. Thanks to Mike and Tom for getting the ball rolling on the new age of selection I've been seeing on the shelves and in the bars and restaurants around town.

I've done a little brewing in the past, but these days I stick mostly to what I find in the NLC and during my trips outside the province. In the last few years I've reconfirmed my love of porters and stouts, but truth be told I'll try anything once, and there's not much I don't like. I can't go to the NLC without visiting the beers to see what's new - And there's almost always something new. It wasn't always like that!
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welcome aboard :mrgreen:
Hello Hello!
I am Sam Newman, former Organizer of the Gander chapter of the NLACBC.
I am a musician, beer nut, airline pilot, and most recently, partner in the upcoming Scudrunner Brewing Inc. set to open this year in Gander.
I have been brewing in some sense or another since I was a little fella, and more recently brewing a lot. I am a huge fan of pure, Reinheitsgebot brewing.
Now relax, and take a niiice deeep BEER!
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Hi Sam, welcome to our little asylum. We're all excited to hear your developments in Gander and wish you all success. :mrgreen:
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Hello All.

New here. Living in St. John's from Central. Member of the NLACBC for a while but never used the forum.
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I think everyone on here is a lover of craft beer :mrgreen:
Hey all,

I've been lurking for about two years now, finally decided to register for the forum so I could post every once in a while :lol:

Like others, I do love me some craft beer. I'm also an avid homebrewer :D
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Welcome to our little piece of cyber land. :mrgreen:
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