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Hey folks!

My name is Mike and I am from the St.Johns:Mt.Pearl area.
I've been going down the craft beer rabbit hole for a little over a year now, and I can't get enough of it. I tend to prefer big and hoppy IPAs and sours, but there are very few styles that I do not like.
I've been actively home brewing now since December with roughly 35 gallons under my belt. I am currently conditioning a honey IPA, an apple cinnamon amber ale, and an attempt at a white coffee stout( SRM isn't as low as I would have hoped but definitely much lighter than a typical stout)

I look forward to interacting with all of you
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Hey Mike,

Sounds like some interesting beer, although I think apple and cinnamon belongs in pie, not beer. ;) Honey IPA sounds cool.

Hope to see you at the Beer Attraction in September, if not before.
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Welcome Mike, as Shorlin said we hope to see you at our little event in September. Over 80 beers that have never been in NL.

As for details the website is looking to launch a little later this month, just clueing up a few bits and pieces first.

Two tasting evening shows, one VIP tasting session and a Utopias tasting session are in the lineup.

Stay tuned! :mrgreen:
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