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Just recently joined this site and just wondering if anybody could help me out in regards to ordering beer. Had the impression I could pick different varities and combine in a 12pk, but having trouble getting familiar with site. HELP PLEASE!
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No ordering through this site. Once upon a time, the club did special orders, negotiating the importation of one-off deliveries from breweries who never distributed to Newfoundland (and in many cases, never to Canada!). However, apparently having pre-sold tractor semi-trailer loads of beer come into the province was too much hassle for NLC, so they shut it down. :evil:
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Thanks for replying to that Patrick, you are mostly correct. They claimed they had to bring us within their regulations but who’d believe that was the truth? I’ve seen their reg’s change overnight when the right business asked them.
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Exactly - as you well know, I've made no secret of my utter contempt for NLC. As far as I'm concerned, they exist only to make it as painful as possible for people to exercise their right to drink. The regulation and taxation of beer in particular is outrageous.
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They club was never about doing random custom orders, they were orders set up by the club and offered to members originally but the NLC changed the rules so that all club ordered product went to the NLC store shelves.

The Canadian Beer Club or some such named mail orde4 club has jus5 been approved by the NLC to be legal in NL. google that and it might fit your needs a little better.
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