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Bunch of new stuff at Topsail Road, including Christmas packs.

Cameron's Motorhead Road Crew beer, because NLC never saw a tie in beer they didn't like.
Greene King Festive Pudding Ale
Wychwood Brewdolph (yeah I know)
Oharas 3 packs
Wychwood 4 packs (didn't look)
I&G packs (didn't look)
2 English ale multi packs - a 4 and a 6 I think.
St. Peter's winter ale

Plus big cans of czechvar
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 Allan Johnson
Nice to see our ties to the Commonwealth staying strong! Here's hoping for something interesting...
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Allan Johnson wrote:
Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:22 am
Nice to see our ties to the Commonwealth staying strong! Here's hoping for something interesting...
Don't get too hopeful. They looked like Marston's, Brakspear, Wychwood, etc. conglomerate beers at a quick glance.
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New gift packs are now up on website. Don't trust those descriptions, because often they recycle last year's blurb even if beers have changed.

Belhaven Merry Christmas 6 pack. ... %20Bottles

Erdinger pack with a glass. ... th%20Glass

I&G four pack ... %20Bottles Nope

Marston's Golden Ales 6 pack ... %20Bottles

Marston's Classic Ales 4 pack ... ift%20Pack

O'Hara's Irish 3 pack ... %20Bottles

Wychwood four pack ... tion%204Pk

Festive Pudding Ale ... l%20Bottle Not bad
Wychwood Brewdolph ... l%20Bottle
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New Unibroue 12 packs are at some NLC stores now. They still have the old one with the Megadeth A Tout le Monde and the Ephemere Sureau, so have a good look at what you're buying.

The new 12 packs have two each of: Fin du Monde, Blanche de Chambly, Don de Dieu, Maudite, Trois Pistoles and a new Lune de Miel which is a honey-based beer.

Still the best value at NLC. The website inventory doesn't distinguish between new and old, so it will take a personal look to find one.
 Big Daddio
St Ambroise Bourbon Wood-Aged Imperial Russian Stout (9.2%) and St Ambroise Vintage Ale (10%) are at the Mount Pearl location with the gift items up front... Sort of hidden, if anyone's interested.
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