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 Allan Johnson
So I started out with the following "ingredients" in an effort to convert an old chest freezer that was in my basement into a beer cellar:

Temperature Controller Supplies:

Chest Freezer (Outside):

Chest Freezer (Inside):

After a few evenings, the following is what came out of the recipe above:

Functional STC-1000 Temperature Controller. Currently set to 12.5 degrees celsius, with a 1 degree celsius variation:

Chest Freezer Inside, Shelving Installed:

Chest Freezer Inside, Shelving Installed, Top Shelf on Left removed:

Finally, Beer in Cellar:


Overall it was a pretty straight forward project, overall cost of maybe $80-$100, keeping in mind I had the Chest Freezer to start with... Still need to pick up some damprid to control moisture and a thermometer which will give me a humidity reading inside the cellar.

Let me know you're thoughts!
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Let me know you're thoughts!
Awesome. Now I want one :lol:
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Very envious! It looks great!

Now that you've got all that space I guess you'll need to be stocking up on some beer! ;) Good to see the Westy still has your name on it!
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 Allan Johnson
Current list (32 bottles):

Microbrasserie Charlevoix Dominus Vobiscum Double (x2)
Microbrasserie Charlevoix Dominus Vobiscum Hibernus (x2)
Microbrasserie Charlevoix La Vache Folle - Imperial Milk Stout (x2)
Fullers Vintage Ale (2012) (x4)
Brouwerij De Sint-Sixtusabdij van Westvleteren Trappist Westvleteren 12
Unibroue Don de Dieu
Rochefort Trappistes 10 (x2)
Westmalle Trappist Dubbel
North Coast Brewing Company Old Rasputin Imperial Stout (x3)
Brouwerij Oud Beersel Oude Kriek (x2)
Brouwerij Oud Beersel Oude Gueze (x2)
Brouwerij Oud Beersel Framboise
Garrison Ol' Fog Burner (2012)
Garrison Ol' Fog Burner Glenora Barrel-aged (2012)
Garrison Ol' Fog Burner (2013)
Garrison Ol' Fog Burner Glenora Barrel-aged (2013)
Cantillon Kriek
Cantillon Iris
Trois Mousquetaires Baltic Porter
Trois Mousquetaires Baltic Porter
Trois Mousquetaires Weizenbock

I figure I should have room for 50-60 bottles, depending on size. Plus I've got a small wine cooler which will hold 12-13 bottles if I run out of room.

Looking forward to the adventure!
Looks great Allan! The temperature controller looks pretty slick.
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Very nice setup. You are getting a great collection of beer there. :)
Looking nice! Is that Maximum Ice in the lower right corner ;)
I bought the same temperature controller to have on hand when I feel like I'm ready to do a keezer build!

Not bad for $20 vs. the $120 pre-wired variety.
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Nicely done Allan, can't wait to see some of those bottles in person.
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Nice work, what are you going to do when you outgrow it?
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