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 Brian M
Big Daddio wrote:
Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:20 pm
UXO wrote:
Fri Dec 01, 2017 11:46 am
Appears to be all sold out. A cynic might be tempted to think certain restaurant(s) bought them all.

I was told this morning that out of the 2000 bottle run, we received 640 of those bottles here. That isn't much when spread out across all locations. I know Mt. Pearl had a two bottle per customer policy...maybe it should have been that way across the board to ensure more people could get some.
I managed to get the last 2 bottles at the Mt. Pearl Sobey's location at about 11 am thanks to the 2 bottle policy. Pearlgate sold out in 4 minutes, one person bought 15 and 2 other people bought the other 9.
 Brian M
shorlin wrote:
Mon Dec 04, 2017 4:21 pm
More new stuff. I have to start spending less time at the liquor store (and less money)

Duchesse de Bourgogne gift pack. Two dirty big bottles and at least one glass. ... ift%20Pack
Trou du Diable Buteuse. Not the Brassin Speciale but a smaller, cheaper, non-barrel-aged version. ... l%20Bottle Side-by-side with Brassin Speciale anyone?
Trou du Diable L'Ours. Bit of a blended sourish saison. Subtle and satisfying. ... l%20Bottle
Trou du Diable Dulcis Succubus. So good. Funky sour ale. ... l%20Bottle
YellowBelly I'se da Rye. Rye pale ale. Not bad ... 201L%20Btl
I really like the Buteuse and bought a nice few. Is the Brassin Speciale worth the $20?
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I know someone who bought a case, one bottle may be headed my way.
beerthief wrote:
Sat Dec 09, 2017 8:45 am
I know someone who bought a case, one bottle may be headed my way.
Nice to have friends in high places or at least at the right place at the right time! I was scouring NLC fri and I know Howley sold out immediately...aparently cashier said they were alloted 36 and sold out with firsy customer. ( So, where did all their other allottment go?) Ropewalk sold their last bottle ay around 11:45. Merrymeeting sold out in about 30 mins. Stavanger sold out as soon as they opened the door too. I was able to snag a few bottles on my runaround and had one as soon as I got home.
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adrianbarnescom wrote:
Tue Dec 12, 2017 12:49 pm
The Bruery beer are out in Howley Estates and other stores... ... 2FSt_Johns
That's deadly. I'm going to cash in my empties to see if I can afford a second Saule to cellar.

In other news, I spotted:
LTM Reserve de Noel ... 50ml%20Btl
YB Mummer's 2017 ... 201L%20Btl
Good distribution on the Mummer's, as long as you live between CBS and Signal Hill. It's a 6.5% black currant milk stout this year, so I don't plan on cellaring one.
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I doubt I’m going to get a chance to buy much of anything this year, I’ve got to boot it home to hang Sheetrock in my limited time off.
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Life is better in town, Sarah said there was so much beer to choose from she couldn’t decide on anything. She was hung over which might exlpain not buying any beer. :mrgreen:
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New Boxing Rock Beers

Sunken Ledge (porter) ... l%20Bottle
Sessionista (session IPA) ... 20650mlBtl
Temptation 6 packs (red ale) ... %20Bottles
Next Chapter (rye IPA) ... l%20Bottle
Hunky Dory 6 Packs (American pale ale) ... %20Bottles

Hopefully this starts a pipeline with some seasonals from Boxing Rock. NLC needs to quit on the Rare Birds beers. Boxing Rock isn't Earth shattering but decent overall.
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