Pairing beer and food and cooking with beer
Hey Folks

Doing 5 lbs of pork back ribs on my charcoal smoker. Thought I would turn to the wisdom here.........what beer would go good with these??

I ve done them with some worster, then a rub of garlic, brown sugar, smoked paprika, onion powder and chili powder. I thru some mesquite chips in the smoker too.

I think a nice pale ale would go great. Yellowbelly Pale I'd go with!
No Yellow Belly here but will dig around in the cellar and see if anything that resembles it :)

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The last time I made ribs, I paired them with a nice red ale (home-brewed)...I quite enjoyed that combination, too!

The ribs were good. Kind of went the other way on the beer.....Muskoka Dark ale. It was out front begging me to pick it. Might go better with a sauce/rub that had lots of molasses or brown sugar I think.........mine had more of a zing to them.

Its all so educational!
lol. I think any beer you love will go well with any food you like.
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how about a Coors Light? :lol:
I guess any port in a storm :)

Im trying to edumacate myself on this food and beer business and attempting to rise above the banality of mass produced industrial stuff..........oh...and did you hear...........the Labatt strike is over? :lol:
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Yes I know Clipper, just teasing you. I admire your efforts and drool over the food you tempt us with. Very nicely done. And yes we heard about the strike and are celebrating at this very moment with a Blue Star.

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