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present a tasting of the
Beer of Weihenstephaner


7:00 PM
Wednesday February 12

Hospitality Room
upstairs overlooking the harbour
Quidi Vidi Brewery
35 Barrows Road, Quidi Vidi

$28.00 per person
75 seats available
Reception Beer:
Start with a cold glass of one of the famous Quidi Vidi brews.

Tasting Beer about 250 ml each:
· Hefeweizen
· Dunkleweizen
· Vitus
· Houblon Chouffe [110 ml]

The beer will be accompanied by fresh Georgetown Bakery baguette and cold, rare, sliced roast beef. Please advise Tom Beckett of any food allergies or aversions.

Mike Buhler, the Beerthief and Certified Cicerone®, will lead the tasting of the four beers.

To reserve places at this event, please e-mail [email protected]ers.com
Sometimes I wonder why we don't post these up here too...

Anyone going? That Vitus is some stuff, man. All of those beers rank up pretty highly in my favourite beers list, since they're all pretty stunning examples of the styles. Not sure there is a better Hefeweizen than Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen. Wonder if an order might be happening? Though, like Chimay, Weihenstephaner already has representation in Canada (Beer Barons is the importer?) so I imagine this has some different channels to go through.
Going, as well! It probably only took my husband 30 seconds after the e-mail came in to reserve our seats. So excited to try these! We've heard wonderful things about this brewery.
So it looks like Weihenstephaner is distributed by Beer Barons in Canada. Their website is fully broken right now but back in 2012 they had distribution rights for:

Dark Lager
Vienna Lager

Apple Cider

Hefeweissbier Dunkel

Barbar Bok
Floreffe Triple
Floreffe Double
Floreffe Prima Melior
Floreffe Blonde
Belgian Framboises
Belgian Kriek
Belgian Peches
Saison 1900

Oude Geuze
Oude Kriek
Bersalis Tripel
Bersalis Kadet

La Meule
La Brouette
La Cuivree
La Mandragore
La Salamandre
La Torpille
La Cuvee Alex le Rouge
L'Abbaye de Saint Bon Chien
La Tarry Suchong
La Cuvee de 10e
La Dragonne

I would think that any order that included Weihenstephan would have the opportunity to get the others on this list as well (plus any new ones they've acquired in the last year).
Sometimes I wonder why we don't post these up here too...
Hey Chris, you've never looked at the blog on this site have you? Then again maybe no-one does?

Anyway, these should all be pretty tasty, see you all on Wednesday.
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