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Hi Folks:

I am new to the forum and a relatively new club member. I wanted to comment on an event that was hosted last Friday evening by Mike and Sarah. The first tasting event to be held in the Stephenville area took place on Friday past at the Days Inn. We had nineteen people show for the tasting and by all accounts, it was thoroughly enjoyed. Mike literally exuded beer facts! He introduced the members present to five tasty Belgian brews and waxed poetic about their characteristics. The event lasted for three and a half hours and I am sure that the conversations could have taken us well into the wee hours of the morning had Mike and Sarah not had an hour drive to attend to in order to get to their final destination of the day. People were reluctant to have the evening end and were more than enthusiastic about the possibilities of the next offering!

For those of you who have not attended an event, get yourself out and do so. The chance to taste exquisite brews and learn a few things about beer in general accounts for just two of the benefits of attendance.

Mike and Sarah, on behalf of the west coast contingent of the club, thank you for your efforts!


Hey Eric, many thanks for your support of the club and for your motivation to get this event off the ground. You did a great job of getting a piece into the local newspapers and maybe you were the one that sent more word to the CBC for the morning interview I did on Friday as well. At the event many thanks for all of your help there with organizing and helping Sarah pour.

I would agree that Stephenville is definitely starving form some alternative entertainment options from the response I got after the event. Sarah and I enjoyed coming out and we look forward to the next opportunity to visit again.

For the rest of you folk lurking about the forum keep your eyes open for more west coast events coming down the pipe, I know we had fun putting off the Friday event in Stephenville and the Marble event on Sunday.

Yes a big thanks for the Marble event from all that I chatted with! It was fantastic, great lineup. For me the Leifmans Cuvée-Brut was the standout. That stuff was amazing. If there's ever an opportunity for picking some of that up I'm in.
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