Discuss past/present/future NLACBC events
If at all possible, not on a Monday or Thursday evening :)
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 Allan Johnson
Mondays are also bad for me... other than that it's fairly wide open!
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I've got a 10 month old. If you could wait until she's 2 or 3 years old, that'd be great. :lol:
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Some kit alternatives:

http://www.bjcp.org/cep/kits.php - $100USD for a Siebel kit if you are a BJCP member.
http://www.flavoractiv.com/drinks/beers/enthusiast-kit/ - $75-250 USD - 10-15 tasters. (Believe this one was sponsored by the BA for a while)
http://cicerone.org/off-flavor - $149USD - 6 tasters. (2oz sample)
http://www.aroxa.com/beer/beer-flavour- ... vours-kit/ - £899GBP - 20 hours of classes for 10 tasters. (?)
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I am very interested in one seat, and potentially a second.

Any idea what the price range on a seat for a seminar like this would be?

As for dates and times I have a fairly wide open schedule - work 8-4:30, with occasional evening overtime . If a date were set I could always accommodate.
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