Discuss past/present/future NLACBC events
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I am so glad that this is happening. After the garbage that was the beer expo this year I knew something had to change to give people like me(us?) what we were looking for in a beer show.
Hopefully this fills that role.
I'm so excited for this! I really hope some east coast brewers, NS in particular given their close proximity, make the trip over. NS craft beer fest was amazing this year.
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I'm on the periphery of this event, it's mostly being put together by Steve Martin and Tom Becket. We've done a couple of events in Holyrood with Steve and he knows his way around event planning. the aim of this is to create an event that truly caters to the beer aficionado with a sensible format and some decent beer that hasn't been here before. More details will be available as we get further along.
Sounds good to me. Last year's beer expo I didn't even bother to attend. Look forward to more information in 2016....cheers...
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I see that Halifax beer fests have volunteer opportunities where you could volunteer one night to take tickets, fill ice, clear garbage etc and then get a 50% break on the second night's ticket. I think that would be a great idea for this one. I'd definitely put in some hours to make this a success.
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The latest news is that it will be held at the Bella Vista. I don't know yet what the capacity will be for the event, maybe there will have to be multiple entry times or something? Planning is in place for getting kegs of product which is one aspect that I certainly will be involved. More details to come...
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