Discuss past/present/future NLACBC events
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UXO wrote:Bella Vista? Pretty limited capacity, for sure. That being the case, I'd like to see a (relatively) high price tag on the event to discourage punters looking for a cheap drunk (i.e. Beer Expo) and focus on some high quality and otherwise unavailable product.
Perhaps targeted advertising and not serving macro brews could help with that issue without jacking prices.
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Really? Do you guys think that a private event being organized by people you already know would offer up a lineup of beers you can already buy any day of the week? Have a little faith why don't you. :mrgreen:
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While we're talking about price, there seem to be two pricing models that these type of events follow. I had a look at some of the bigger ones at http://www.canadianbeernews.com/beer-festival-calendar/ and saw that they break down sort of like this:

1. Pretty expensive admission ($50 to $90) with unlimited samples and a glass.
2. Less expensive admission (Free to $40) with pay as you go samples. Samples are something like $1 to $8 depending on size and the beer. More expensive admission usually includes a small number of free samples plus a glass.

Personally, I'm more in favour of the second model. I'd be happy to pay something reasonable at the door, get a couple of free beer tickets, and then buy more tickets for the samples I want. The expensive, unlimited model (IMHO) puts people in the Chinese buffet mindset: "I paid $32 for lunch and I am friggin well getting my money's worth out of this! More chicken balls!!"

I like the pay as you go. If you have to stop from time to time and buy a few more tickets, thinking carefully about what you really want to put down more money for, then I think that will reduce the pure boozers. "Unlimited samples" translates very quickly to "all you can drink."

That being said, I trust the organizers will do their best to make this a good event.
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Thank you Steve :mrgreen:
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Really looking forward to this event. The NLC beer event never made sense to me. Why would someone buy a ticket to an event, to drink beer you can mostly buy at the NLC. I found the format and product list at the NLC events, bizarre. The format that Mike is talking about is very exciting. I agree with UXO about the price tag. It would likely draw interest away from someone who just wants to get drunk on beer and draw more interest from people who want to try quality beer that the NLC do currently carry and either 1) are thinking about carrying and wanting to gauge interest or 2) is not currently on the NLC radar but may prove to be good options for them and their customers.
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