It's not off topic if it's about beer
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it rounds out over time, and the hype is mostly generated by how hard it is to get, the old "unobtainium" factor drives it :mrgreen:
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beerthief wrote:it rounds out over time, and the hype is mostly generated by how hard it is to get, the old "unobtainium" factor drives it :mrgreen:
It kinda also depends on your own interpretation of what the hype around the beer is... I mean, if hype means Westy XII is considered hands-down the best beer in the world, then it's likely going to under-deliver. If your hype is, however, that it's probably the best Belgian Strong Dark Ale in the world and slightly ahead of Rochefort 10 and Abt 12 (and considerably nicer than La Trappe Quad and Chimay Blue), then, well that's a reasonable amount of hype. And, in my experience, a pretty justified position. Hype for hard to get beers (Pliny, Darklord) can be part of the fun, but when it become about jealousy and blowing expectations about them out of proportion, well that's just setting up for disappointment at a very tasty beer.
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Agreed, I like the stuff but I think I like it better with a little age on it.
finally got around to finishing off my cellar. pretty much the same idea Allan had.
Temperature controller

filled and happy cellar
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What are you going to do when it's full?

Also La Trappe Quad in the bottle is ok but the Quercus on tap is out of this world!
beerthief wrote:What are you going to do when it's full?
I haven't thought that far into the future, but maybe another fridge? Or perhaps I'll just build a house with a roughed in basement that is temperature and humidity controlled. The possibilities are endless!
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Too true for expansion. I'm working on solutions for my space difficulties now too.

As for tracking options I'm using Brew Vault on my phone and iPad, also web based, and I find it works very well for me. I don't think any of you want me to put up the link. :lol:
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I'm resurrecting this thread to see who's still or who's started cellaring? I was using Brew Vault for years to try to keep track on what I've been tucking away and the damned developers abandoned the app. Damn! Now I've finally found a new app that seems to fit the bill for me so far. Talked to the developer and he's still adding functions etc. Beercellarlist

I have a lot of bottles, I've been at the data entry going through the whole thing for a week and I'm still not done. One more solid evening and I should have over 700 bottles logged. Plenty of stuff I need to get drinking and some odd rare ones hidden away. Yesterday I had a Victory Prima Pils from 2014 and it was still pretty good considering it was never supposed to last more than a few months. It was past due to go through the collection and update the reality of what's there, with any luck I'll be better at tracking from now on.

So...waddya got?
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Logging those beers takes some dedication, but it's a good way to find out what to drink next. A pils from 2014 sure fits that bill.

I'm still "cellaring" but I don't have a whole lot of anything interesting. I always try to put away a couple of anything good from NLC and then open it in a year or two. There are a couple of things that came from away which would make for a good addition to a bottle share (hint hint, anyone?). I have around 60 bottles.

I really like Untappd as a simple cellar list manager. I created a new "list" from my profile page, making sure to turn on "Additional item details" and turn off "Check-in to remove beer" before hitting Save.

Then I can find a beer like usual on Untappd, and click add to list. You can upload a picture, make notes, specify quantities of bottles, include Brewed On and/or Best Before dates, purchase dates, etc.

  • It uses Untappd's database so you don't have to type details. Just type "Orv..." and you can start clicking on vintages of Orval.
  • I'm always on it when drinking a cellared beer, so why not?
  • Finally, you can brag to your Untappd friends by making it public. or keep it private, your choice.
  • Unless a beer is in Untappd under different vintage years, you can only have one entry per beer and you'd have to note what vintages you have in your notes to yourself.
  • Same with bottle sizes. I have a couple of 330 ml Delirium Noel and a 750 ml, but that's all in one entry.
  • You do have to manually change the quantity down by 1 when you drink a beer, but you'd have to do that anyway on a different app.
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