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I've been talking to Chris already, they're looking for a good venue. Anyone know any good potential breweries? They're looking for 4500 square feet+. I told him close to my house would be best. :mrgreen:
 Brian M
So excited to discover that Landwash Brewery is going to be located at 181 Commonwealth Avenue. Google maps says it is a 5 minute walk from my house, but I am betting that I can do it in 4 minutes, maybe 3 on a hot summer's day. Cant' wait until January 2019, Christina and Chris have one customer in waiting.
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I saw this and got excited for a minute but it just turned out to remind me of a bunch of work that I have to do.

We're hoping to roll out some more information and launch all the social media stuff next week when we have our logo and usage stuff all finalized. We always like to have things pretty finished before putting it out for public consumption.

Our project is Landwash Brewery. We are indeed located at 181 Commonwealth Ave in Mount Pearl. We took possession of the space on Monday (which, honestly, feels like several weeks ago) and we're staging some stuff up in there to get ready for our building permit (just getting some drawings to Mount Pearl in the next day or two). We have a development permit (basically saying we can use the space as a brewery, taproom, and retail from the city) and have our environmental assessment completed (the ok from the province), so at this point there are no brewery related government slow downs, just the regular ones that happen with any kind of business (pulling permits, code, fire and life safety, food standards).

The building is a clean 7500 sq ft warehouse with 28" ceilings, so we're not going to be hurting for space for a while which will allow us to build out over the next few years. We're starting with a 15 BBL system we have on order from DME which has an estimated ship date in early August. It'll take some work to get it all together, so we're still aiming for beer (cans at the on-site retail, kegs on tap in house and at accounts, and growlers) before the end of 2018 as a target. Think we're going to be in a pretty good building race with the Fire Hall, Ninepenny, and Motion Bay who are all on, from last we spoke, somewhat similar timelines with similar unknowns regarding the amount of moving parts and permits involved in opening a brewery.

Some more formalized version of that information will be kicking out... next week probably and we'll have lots of "building a brewery" stories on the various social media channels. Thanks for the interest everyone. We're going as fast as we can!
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That’s great news Chris! Please keep us in the loop.
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beerthief wrote:
Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:36 pm
That’s great news Chris! Please keep us in the loop.
Absolutely, Mike. We should be rolling out a press release by the end of this week and we've launched all our social media already. We have our building permit open now, so all that's left is... well, building the thing and then the fun of closing out all those NLC, Work Place NL, Building Permits, and all that stuff when we're done. So fully under construction now.

Really hoping for beer by the end of the year!
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Awesome, thanks Chris. Funny seeing you on the street the other day too. :geek:
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