It's not off topic if it's about beer
I've been trying to keep in the loop as much as I can with what's happening in the area regarding Beer Tap takeovers and the places that one needs to go to!
I went on QV's fb page to see their progress and had a kitchen party tonight? I wish I knew, I would've got my peeps together. I thought I'll go check out the NLACBC site and surely there will be news of what's on the go. You have all been amazing to update on the newest and got to get beers in NLC. Maybe this can be a spot to share places to go with....! Thanks and cheers!
 Brian M
I follow Quidi Vidi, Yellowbelly, Port Rexton, Mill Street and Jack Axes on facebook. So, generally I see all their new beers and pick up a lot of them in either bottles or growlers. Jack Axes only have NL craft beers on tap, so it is a good place to sample some of the out of town breweries.
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Have fun, we almost never come to town anymore. If you want to hang out with Sarah or myself you’ll have a 2 hour drive. Or don’t bother, I’m never home anyway.
Sorry Buddy! Been awhile since on here! It was really good from what I remember. Didn't recognize anyone I knew but had a couple Oathkeeper. By Split Rock probably my favourite over Amarillo (Sour Patch) Had the Gose by PRB (Drifter) You cant go wrong with Either brewery... I was just down 2 weekends ago to the Merchant and had a couple more Split Rock on Tap..Really liked the Red Sky Red rye......
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I haven't been to Merchant or anywhere else in many months
nbnewf wrote: Thu Nov 29, 2018 10:18 pm Anyone heading to 12 Beers tomorrow (Friday, November 30)??
I'm heading down with a large group of friends. I'm very concerned's the day of the event and only 8 of 12 beers have been announced? And one of the previously released beers was changed with no announcement.
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