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 Brian M
danhyde wrote: Fri Nov 23, 2018 3:51 pm
Also saw new Unibroue 12 pack with all good beers (no Blanche de Chambly). Their new limited edition Blonde De L'Enfer, plus Maudite, Don De Dieu, Blonde De Chambly, Trois Pistoles, and La Fin Du Monde. ... 012%20Pack
Want to highlight the above. That is the best 12 pack we've had from unibroue (no fruit beer, no blanche to chambly). That is also without a doubt the best price for the quality of beer ever at the NLC. Just great stuff.
Guess what? It's even on sale now. Save $1.25 a dozen! I just picked up two dozen. Only $0.34 more than a dozen Coors .Light
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I wonder if that's a rehash of our Beer club stout? Probably yes.
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beerthief wrote: Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:38 pm I wonder if that's a rehash of our Beer club stout? Probably yes.
Wintervention is part of Garrison's cellar series where beer is aged in bourbon/whiskey barrels. Not sure if the recipe is based off beer club stout or not.
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The beer club's version is aging well. :mrgreen:
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I got a couple of advance cans of that, I found it a bit light for the style. I'm going to put one down for a few months to see if it develops a bit more tartness.
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Well this forum seems kind of dead, but I thought I would try a post anyway.

There are a couple of things NLC-related.

NLC's weird stocking of Clifford Brewery beers continues with Pinball Wizard APA ... 73ml%20Can
Current Unibroue 12-packs are on sale, making them by far the best bargain at NLC ... 012%20Pack
Fat Tug is now in cans ... 73ml%20Can

And, the biggest shocker, Peche Mortel is being delisted. It's on sale. Buy more now. ... %20Bottles
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