It's not off topic if it's about beer
 Brian M
Yeah, I know what you mean Shorlin. I find that I am not even going to the NLC very often anymore. Just trying to keep up with all the new beers from our micro breweries is a challenge. I am a 4 minute walk from Landwash, so I frequent their place and try to sample all their new beers. Add in PRB and Millstreet with their growlers and I hardly need to go to the NLC. I just try to deplete my cellar a bit when I am not drinking growlers or their canned beer. I guess we can really drink a lot of local beer now, and most of it is of very high quality too. I am guessing we will see more delistings of very good beer at the NLC because of a lot of local competition and too many choices.

Millstreet just released a limited new bomber (750 ml bottle only) on Thursday that I tried last night that I highly recommend. It is a barrel aged Imperial Plum Stout clocking in at 10.7% and 44 IBUs.
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Yeah Shorlin this forum has definitely gotten pretty sleepy. I'm not sure where everyone went? I'm guessing the home brewers went to Newfermenters but did everyone else stop drinking beer? I think there is still enough reason to keep this forum open at least for the time being but we'll see what the future holds.

I too don't go to the NLC that often as I typically stock up on QV when I'm on town and Bacalieu Trail fairly regularly too them being my closest brewery at an hour away. Being around the bay there isn't much to choose from so quite a bit of India but our local NLC Express does stock Ransack so I buy a few of those when we're there.

Not really a surprise Peche Mortel is being delisted, they delisted Duvel after what 2 years? Will we see it go back to all macros with the pressure from the local breweries?

We don't go to town much either when I'm home and most of my time is still being taken up with reno's although I do keep thinking in the back of my mind I should start brewing some beer.
 Brian M
Picked up the Pinball Wizard today. Should have left it on the shelf. I think it is going down the sink. Extremely harsh. I noticed that the stores (visited 2 locations) almost seemed empty. I asked and they said that the cluttered spaces were deemed a safety hazard and had to be tidied up. I also saw a lot of last chance buys. So, I think a few beers are being delisted. Fat Tug was one of them, but I see below it is now in cans. Trou du Diable Saison du Tractor was another and I got the last bottle at one location. So, maybe some at switching to cans. A lot of the last buys are Xmas gift packs, Hoegaarden is now available in single cans. Picked up another Peche Mortel since we may never see it here again. Not my favourite beer, but interested to see what it might taste like in a few years time. Hopefully, some new beers will come in after their beer show in late May. Off to Moncton tomorrow for a few days, so maybe I can try a few new beers there. In the New Brunswick NLCs they now have draft beer that you can purchase in growlers. Mostly local NB beers, but I understand some Ontario beers too like Flying Monkeys and they are cheaper than here. They change every week or so. Don't expect to see that anytime soon here.
shorlin wrote: Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:10 pm Well this forum seems kind of dead, but I thought I would try a post anyway.

There are a couple of things NLC-related.

NLC's weird stocking of Clifford Brewery beers continues with Pinball Wizard APA ... 73ml%20Can
Current Unibroue 12-packs are on sale, making them by far the best bargain at NLC ... 012%20Pack
Fat Tug is now in cans ... 73ml%20Can

And, the biggest shocker, Peche Mortel is being delisted. It's on sale. Buy more now. ... %20Bottles
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I still have some 2012 Peche Mortel in the cellar and newer but it's been awhile since I've pulled any out.
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New delistings at NLC (these are all on "Last Chance" prices). I'm not including random seasonals like Christmas beers, or beers with very limited stock

Fat Tug in bottles ... l%20Bottle It's now in cans and fresher (for the time being)
Flying Monkeys Smashbomb Atomic IPA ... 73ml%20Can
Le Trou du Diable Saison du Tracteur ... l%20Bottle Once, one of the best beers at NLC.
Peche Mortel ... %20Bottles Going fast!
Rogue's Roost ... 73ml%20Can And no one cares
Spindrift Knotty Buoy ... 73ml%20Can Decent pilsner

In new beer news, Quidi Vidi's long-awaited Bog and Barrens Bakeapple Gose is finally in NLC.! ... ple%20Gose
Website says about 2000 cans in-store in St. John's metro, so that's good news. None past Carbonear I'm afraid.

There are a couple of other new beers, but I don't want you to buy them. I will tell you about them, but instead of these beers, go buy a Port Rexton or a Landwash can. Or a growler at Split Rock or Baccalieu. Or even a liter of Yellowbelly. f you have to go to NLC, buy a QV Dayboil, or Calm Tom. Don't buy these below.

Kona Big Wave Golden Ale 6 Pack Bottles is in a limited number of stores ... %20Bottles
Fun fact: This "Hawaiian" beer was probably made in New Hampshire. Kona is part of the Craft Brewers Alliance, which is partly owned by Anheuser-Busch. Wonder why we get Kona beer in Newfoundland? For the same reason we get Labatt, Mill Street, Goose Island, Hoegaarden, Stella Artois... ABInbev money and distribution channels.

Creemore Springs has a new 6-pack of tall cans, including their premium lager, pilsner and newish Boundless IPA. Also looks like Boundless will be in singles as well. Mmm... mediocrity. ... ack%20Cans ... 73ml%20Can
Wonder why we get so much Creemore beer in Newfoundland? For the same reason we get Coors, Molson, Granville Island, Tiger Beer, Heineken... MolsonCoors money and distribution channels.

So drink better, support local. If you have to drink macro beer (and you shouldn't) at least buy something brewed in Newfoundland and employing people here.
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I'm with you Shorlin, to hell with Kona and Creemore-more macro crafty beers
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shorlin wrote: Wed Apr 24, 2019 1:47 pm Le Trou du Diable Saison du Tracteur ... l%20Bottle Once, one of the best beers at NLC.

So drink better, support local. If you have to drink macro beer (and you shouldn't) at least buy something brewed in Newfoundland and employing people here.
Are you on the Molson-Coors payroll saying they've got one of the best in the NLC then slamming all the AB-Inbev brands?! :lol:
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Whoops! I forgot that Molson bought TDD.

And my half-baked opinion is that MolsonCoors is slightly level evil than ABInbev, which may not be accurate. I'm working to cut out both from my diet
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Hey Chris, nice to see you still here. I hear you that it is good they employ people here but we all know AB InBev are a bunch of bullies. I try to stick to Molson/Coors when I have to drink industrial lagers which is all the time these days if I don't drive at least an hour to Bacalieu.
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